Read This First

South Dakota EE Resources is a listing of  environmental, sustainability and conservation education resources in South Dakota. Please be advised that this not a full and robust directory but a categorized listing.

To search the listing

  1. Select the menu for the primary search term you want (Audience, Resource Type, Topic).
  2. Use your operating system’s page search function for a secondary term (use the Categories list at left for suggested terms) to search more specifically.


  • If you wanted to search field trips for K-2 students,  you would click on the Audience menu and go to Elementary K-2.
    Screenshot 2013-12-30 15.35.47
  • You would then use Ctrl F (for Windows) to search Field Trips or Learning Spaces. If you use an Apple product or other operating system, you will have a different way to search the page.
    Screenshot 2013-12-30 15.37.20
    That will return all results on the K-2 page that also are categorized Field Trips.